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Other Projects

To any agents out there and for those who are interested. This is about several other books that I am writing at present.

Welcome To The Demon's Gob.
In the editing stage, this is the second installment of the Filthy Six.
Enter The Drag Queen
Book three of the Filthy Six
Savage Warrior's - A Call To Arms
This follows an English family's rise through the factual history of the Knight's Templer.
The Enemy Within
A science fiction story set on a future earth, where religion now Governs and any mutations a sign of devilry and evil fit only to be cleansed by fire.
The Spider's Web
This novel is about corruption, power politics and espionage activities surrounding a leading international scientific organisation. This is at the editing stage.
The Gathering
A science fiction story revolving around the RPG Rifts.
Untitled As Yet
A modern day horror story involving werewolves and vampires, set amid the fact's behind the Seven Swords Of Weyland, and the White Horses of Wiltshire.
The Forsaken
A fantasy horror story set in a world where iron is as precious as gold.