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About Me


About me, some little known facts and figures.
I am a youngish thirty-one, and this is the first novel in what I hope will be a series of seven. I grew up in the peaceful countryside of Surrey, within earshot of the local wildlife and the dulcet tones of the A3. But even more surprising is my dislike of the English language, preferring the more elegant and refined tones of Japanese, which of course would hamper anyone who wants to write a novel in English. I have always enjoyed both reading and writing, and my reading habits are extremely varied, anything from Celtic and Egyptian history to Mills and Boon.

An average student at school I left at the tender age of sixteen a variable innocent, and went straight to college where I learnt the gentle art of bricklaying, a good foundation for someone who would later write. From there I joined a security firm for which I still work.

The novel was started two years ago written on a variety of empty cigarette packets and stained beer mats. After several drinks of lemonade I finally gathered up enough courage to put it into some semblance of order. And after being beaten several times around the head by my partner eventually sent the manuscript to an agent. After getting enough rejections to keep the fire going for several months it was finally accepted by one, and even more to my surprise a publisher was found soon afterwards.

At present I has several more stories on the go and the second instalment of this series is well underway, simply titled Welcome to the Demons Gob or W.T.T.D.G. for short. I have now upgraded from cigarette boxes to cigar packets as I feel that this represents my new station in life. 

I now live in the pretty area of Farnham with my long-suffering partner. My hobbies, like myself are plain and simple. Tabletop role-playing and live action role-playing, which allows me to hit
 friends with rubber swords and shoot at them with plastic pellets. Like my reading taste the music I listen to is also varied, from the gentle refrains of Celtic folk music to the more strident tones of rock. I am fascinated by wolves, and would dearly love to own a husky or two. Also I would like to quit work and write full time somewhere in the darkest depths of Suffolk.